'Don't Judge Me' is a safe space for parents who are doing their best while trying to avoid the inevitable judgement from others. I discuss all aspects of motherhood... good, bad & ugly, while also sharing my personal journey with grief, addiction and mental/ physical illness. So please, take a look around, subscribe, share and let me know what you think!

A bit about me...

Hello, I'm Veronica! I'm 27, a stay at home mom of 2, and I'm obsessed with my babies. I'm trying to live my best life, free of judgement; Unfortunately, that is impossible lol... I am human and I make mistakes; I've made plenty in my time! After losing my father, I went down a dark road to very low levels facing struggle after struggle. I have come a long way, fortunately, in big part to my children. So while I may not be perfect, I know the love I feel for my children is incomprehensible and amazing. Whether I am judged for breastfeeding or not, or self soothing vs. never letting the baby cry, or on and on... I know I am doing my best to care for my kids the way I see best. So get to know me and come on this crazy journey of motherhood and life with me! 

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